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Updated 03/15/2006


The first boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ built around 1890 and ran through the intersection of 9th and Ocean Ave. Over time, it was rebuilt closer and closer to the ocean. Today's boardwalk (the fifth at 9th Street) was built in 1928 after a very large fire in October of 1927.

Before the 1927 fire, the boardwalk was very much developed, but sat 300 feet east of where it is today. The pre-1928 boardwalk was built in 1905.

In the early 1920's, several theatres lined the boardwalk: The Plaza, the Hippodrome Pier, the Uno, the (old) Strand, the Moorlyn, Doughty's Pier, and the Park. (Today, only the Moorlyn Theatre remains.)

Very Early Views

Young's Pier

Postmarked 1906. This pier was later expanded to become the Hippodrome

8th Street Beach Scene

Moorlyn has not been built yet. Postmarked 1904

Young's Pier at 9th, Simm's Building at Moorlyn Terrace

Although at the time, this was not Simm's, it later became Simm's. Notice that the Moorlyn and the Music Pier haven't been built yet. Postmarked 1905.

Boardwalk view

Postmarked 1904. I believe this is the boardwalk that was finished in 1905

7th street south

Postmarked 1907

Beach view of Youngs Pier and Music Pier

Postmark appears to be 1907

View of pavilions and Moorlyn building

Doughty's Pier not built yet. This is probably before 1910

Doughty Pavilion Extension

This walkway led people to the water's edge. And it looks like it spanned a pool of water, leading to a sandbar.

1909 postmark

Another view of the walkway leading from Doughty's Pavilion at 8th Street, out to the water's edge. The Village Theatre would later occupy this spot.

Shore Fast Line, 1909

in front of Doughty's Bath House at the end of 8th Street

Looking south near 8th Street

Doughty building (with upper balcony) is seen on the right. Doughty's Pier (Village Theatre) has not been built yet. Music Pavilion is visible in the distance.

1906 Music Pavilion

across from the Moorlyn. Young's Pier (formerly the Casino Pier) is seen in the background.

1907 Music Pavilion

across from the Moorlyn

Boyles Baths, from 10th street

Postmarked 1908. Young's Pier entrance on right with Municipal Pavilion in the distance.

Hippodrome Building at 9th, 1910

Not the Hippodrome Pier. Doughty's Pier at 8th has not been built yet.


The first of 3 Shriver buildings. This one between 9th and 10th Street. This is 1909 or perhaps earlier.

Shriver's Ice Cream and Pavilion

Shriver's Ice Cream and Pavilion

8th Street Corner

The Doughty Building, soon to become the first Simms' on the boardwalk, is on the left. Doughty's Pier (Village Theatre) will be built on the right in place of the pavilion.

The Boardwalk 1910

This is a great shot of the boardwalk front, taken from the end of Young's Pier, around 1910, or earlier.



1910 to 1927

1925 colored view of the Moorlyn block

Hippodrome Theatre

North view from Hippodrome

Shrivers Taffy is on the left

1913 postmark View from Steeplechase (Hippodrome)

Faunces Theatre will be built between the two taller buildings, near the middle of the picture. And the building with all the awnings will be expanded to 3 stories.

Moorlyn Terrace and Boardwalk


Municipal Pier

with addition in rear

Music Pier

with addition

1916 postmark Above 8th Street

Just beyond the Doughty Building

Doughty's Pier on the right

Simm's Deli on the left (8th Street)

Boardwalk view

with Doughty's visible in the background

Old Municipal Pier front

The original Simm's at the corner of 8th can be seen.

9th and Boardwalk

Taken from atop Shriver's. This view show the turn in the boardwalk around 7th street. Circa 1926

Shriver's at 9th Street

Postmarked 1913

Shriver's at Ninth and Boardwalk

Postmarked 1920. Doughty's Pier is visible in background

Shrivers with Whitman's awning

across from Hippodrome Pier

9th and Boardwalk

Postmarked 1925. Hippodrome on the right, Shriver's on the left

Doughty's Pier

on left. Hot Sea Baths on right

Doughty's Pier

on left. At 8th Street

Taken from the Hippodrome

The Plaza Theatre was previously Faunce's. The original Shriver's is just out of view to the right.

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